Odysseus Is Shut Down After Sending Snapshots From Moon Landing

Update: On March 23, Intuitive Machines said that its Odysseus lander failed to re-establish contact after the lunar night, and…

3 months ago

Odysseus Moon Lander Sends Back Selfies With Earth in the Picture

Intuitive Machines' Odysseus lander has beamed back a series of snapshots that were captured as it headed out from the…

3 months ago

Intuitive Machines’ Odysseus Lander Begins Its Moon Odyssey

Now it’s Intuitive Machines’ turn to try making history with a robotic moon landing. Today’s launch of the Houston-based company’s Odysseus lander marks the…

3 months ago

NASA Plans to Unleash a Wolf Pack of Rovers Onto the Lunar Surface in 2024

What’s better than one lunar rover? Three lunar rovers! In 2024, NASA plans to send a team of suitcase-sized wheeled…

10 months ago

Masten Space is Building a Lunar Lander for NASA. Also, They Just Filed for Bankruptcy

Masten Space Systems, which was developing a lunar lander for NASA's Artemis Program, has just filed for bankruptcy!

2 years ago

NASA is Finally Sending a Lunar Lander to the Moon’s far Side

The far side of the moon has been getting more popular than a Pink Floyd album lately.  A variety of…

3 years ago