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Cassini mission

Scientists Construct a Global Map of Titan’s Geology

Titan's methane-based hydrologic cycle makes it one of the Solar System's most geologically diverse bodies. There are lakes of methane,…

6 months ago

Whoa. Lakes on Titan Might be the Craters from Massive Underground Explosions

The Cassini spacecraft ended its mission to Saturn and its moons two years ago when it was sent plunging into…

9 months ago

Enceladus is Filled with Tasty Food for Bacteria

As soon as the Cassini-Huygens mission arrived the Saturn system in 2004, it began to send back a number of…

11 months ago

Stunning Image Shows How Saturn’s Tiny Moon Sculpts the Planet’s Rings

The Cassini mission to Saturn ended a year and a half ago, but scientific results are still coming from all…

11 months ago

Methane-Filled Lakes on Titan are “Surprisingly Deep”

The Cassini mission to Saturn and its moons wrapped up in 2017, when the spacecraft was sent plunging into the…

1 year ago

Saturn’s Rings are Only 10 to 100 Million Years Old

Can you imagine the Solar System without Saturn's rings? Can you envision Earth at the time the dinosaurs roamed the…

1 year ago

Titan’s Thick Clouds Obscure our View, but Cassini Took these Images in Infrared, Showing the Moon’s Surface Features

Saturn's moon Titan is a very strange place. It's surrounded by a dense, opaque atmosphere, the only moon in the…

1 year ago

Just Like Earth, Titan Has a “Sea Level” for its Lakes and Seas

Based on Cassini data, two new studies have been produced that reveal some new and interesting things about Saturn's largest…

2 years ago

New Study Says Enceladus has had an Internal Ocean for Billions of Years

A new study by an international team of researchers has shown that Enceladus has been producing enough energy in its…

3 years ago

Check Out NASA’s New Instrument that will Look for Life on Enceladus

NASA recently unveiled their SELFI instrument, which will search Enceladus' plumes to look for signs of life in the interior

3 years ago