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A Monster Black Hole has Been Found Right in our Backyard (Astronomically Speaking)

Using data from multiple observstories, a team of astronomers has discovered a monster blackhole right in our backyard!

2 years ago

Slimmed Down Red Giants Had Their Mass Stolen By a Companion Star

Millions of stars that can grow up to 620 million miles in diameter, known as 'red giants,' exist in our…

2 years ago

Gravitational Waves Reveal Surprising Secrets About Neutron Stars

The confirmation of gravitational waves back in 2017 continues to unlock whole new worlds of physics but also continues to…

3 years ago

Closest Black Hole Found, Just 1,000 Light-Years From Earth

Scientists with the ESO have detected a triple system with a black hole roughly 1,000 light-years from Earth - making…

4 years ago

A Star Exploded as a Supernova and Then Collapsed Into a Neutron Star. But Only a Fraction of its Matter was Released

An international team of scientists recently witnessed the birth of a binary neutron star system, which was indicated by a…

6 years ago

What Are Multiple Star Systems?

Not all stars are alone. Some come in pairs and more. And when there are multiple stars in a system,…

8 years ago

A Pulsar and White Dwarf Dance Together In A Surprising Orbit

The discovery of a millisecond pulsar orbiting a low-mass white dwarf star has astronomers puzzled, mainly because its orbit defies…

8 years ago

What is a Nova?

We’ve talked about supernovae plenty of times, but what about just regular, plain old novae? What are they, and how…

8 years ago

What Happens When Black Holes Collide?

Black holes are the most impressive objects in the Universe, but when happens when they crash into each other is…

8 years ago

Where is the Closest Black Hole?

Black holes are pretty dangerous, so it’s a good idea to keep an idea on where all the nearby ones…

8 years ago