Starship Prototype Catches Fire After a Recent Test, But Appears Undamaged

Despite the fireball that engulfed the Starshopper this past week, both the vehicle and its Draco engine appear to be…

3 years ago

SpaceX Releases a New Render of What the All-Steel Starship Will Look Like Returning to Earth

SpaceX has released an impressive new image that shows its proposed Starship reentering the atmosphere of Earth.

4 years ago

Gateway Foundation Shows off Their Plans for an Enormous Rotating Space Station

The Gateway Foundation is looking to build a rotating space station in orbit. And thanks to Elon Musk and his…

4 years ago

The SpaceX Starhopper has Three Raptor Engines on the Bottom

Over the holidays, a number of shutterbugs took pictures of the evolving architecture of SpaceX's Starship hopper.

4 years ago

Prototype Version of the SpaceX Starship with a Stainless Steel Skin is Under Construction

Elon Musk recently provided updates on the mini-Starship prototype that will making a test flight next year, including the fact…

4 years ago

Name Change Alert! SpaceX’s BFR is Now Just Called “Starship”

In September of 2016, Musk treated the world to an early sneak-peak at his proposed super-heavy launch vehicle. Previously known…

4 years ago

SpaceX is going to build a mini-BFR to launch on a Falcon 9

According to Musk's latest update, SpaceX will be conducting a test flight of their BFR system next year using a…

4 years ago

Musk Gives an Update on When a Mars Colony Could be Built

In a recent tweet, SpaceX founder Elon Musk indicated that his company may be able to build a Martian colony…

4 years ago

Elon Musk Reveals who the First Lunar Tourist Will Be

From SpaceX's headquarters in California, Elon Musk announced who will be the first lunar tourist to hitch a ride aboard…

4 years ago

Elon Musk Just Shared an Image of the Main Body Tool for Building the BFR. That Thing is F’ing Big!

Elon Musk just released an Instagram post showing a key component of the upcoming BFR - the main body tool…

4 years ago