barred spiral galaxy

Galaxies Evolved Surprisingly Quickly in the Early Universe

Anyone familiar with astronomy will know that galaxies come in a fairly limited range of shapes, typically; spiral, elliptical, barred-spiral…

2 months ago

New JWST Image Shows That Grand Spiral Galaxies had Already Formed 11 Billion Years ago

For the first time this week, photos from the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) revealed that stellar bars were present…

1 year ago

A New Image From Webb Shows Galaxy NGC 1365, Known to Have an Actively Feeding Supermassive Black Hole

A new James Webb image shows the Great Barred Spiral Galaxy in stunning detail!

2 years ago

Messier 96 – the NGC 3368 Spiral Galaxy

Located in the Leo constellation, about 31 million light-years from Earth, is the double-sparred spiral galaxy known as Messier 96.

2 years ago

The Milky Way’s Central bar Spin-Rate is Slowing Down Thanks to Dark Matter

If it were't for an enormous halo of dark matter enveloping our galaxy, the spin-rate of our central bar should…

3 years ago

Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 2608, Surrounded by Many Many Other Galaxies

Meet NGC 2608, a barred spiral galaxy about 93 million light years away, in the constellation Cancer. Also called Arp…

4 years ago

Barred Spiral NGC 3895 Captured by Hubble

NGC 3895 is a barred spiral galaxy in the Ursa Major constellation. It's about 145 million light years away from…

4 years ago

Hubble Sees a Galaxy With Spiral Arms, Surrounded by Other Spiral Arms

After 30 years, Hubble is still providing us with breathtaking images - like this one of NGC 2273, a spiral…

4 years ago

Messier 91 – the NGC 4548 Barred Spiral Galaxy

Located in the constellation Virgo, about 63 million light-years from Earth, is the barred spiral galaxy known as Messier 91.

5 years ago

Gaia Mission is Mapping Out the Bar at the Center of the Milky Way

The latest discovery to come from Gaia's years of observing the Milky Way is the first 3D measurements of our…

5 years ago