Baikonur Cosmodrome

Kazakhstan Seizes Russia's Launch Facility at Baikonur

The government of Kazakhstan has seized Baikonur Cosmodrome and Russian space assets, putting their efforts in space on pause.

1 year ago

Russian-American Trio Blasts Off and Boards International Space Station After Fast Track Trajectory

Barely a week and a half after the thrilling conclusion to the record breaking space endurance mission by NASA astronaut…

7 years ago

NASA’s Peggy Whitson Safely Returns Home in Soyuz from Record Breaking Stay in Space

NASA’s Peggy Whitson, America’s most experienced astronaut, returned to Earth safely and smiling Sunday morning on the steppes of Kazakhstan,…

7 years ago

Veteran Multinational Trio Launches on Soyuz and Arrives at International Space Station

An all veteran multinational trio of astronauts and cosmonauts rocketed to orbit aboard a Russian Soyuz capsule and safely arrived…

7 years ago

Soyuz Launches and Fast Track Docks to ISS with Russian-American Duo

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - A new Russian/American duo has arrived at the International Space Station this morning, April 20,…

7 years ago

Russian Progress Cargo Ship Launch Failure Deals Setback to ISS

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - An unmanned Russian Progress resupply ship bound for the International Space Station (ISS) was lost…

8 years ago

Flawless Shakedown Mission from Modified Soyuz Delivers Multinational Crew to Space Station

A flawless shakedown mission from Russia’s newly modified Soyuz capsule successfully delivered a new multinational crew to the Space Station…

8 years ago

International Trio from US, Russia and Japan Launches to Space Station on Newly Upgraded Soyuz

An international trio of astronauts and cosmonauts representing the United States, Russia and Japan blasted off in the early morning…

8 years ago

Russian Space Freighter Hauling Fresh Fruit Blasts Off for ISS Crew

An unmanned Russian space freighter hauling fresh fruit and over three tons of food, water, supplies and science experiments blasted…

8 years ago

First American to Live on ISS for 3 Long Missions Arrives after Soyuz Night Launch and Docking

The first American to become a three-time, long-term resident of the International Space Station (ISS) has just arrived at the…

8 years ago