Astronaut Costume

Proposed spacesuits from Oceaneering, Inc. Image: NASA

Many children dream of going to space one day. While you cannot send them there now, you can at least let them pretend with an astronaut costume. These sites provide a variety of astronaut costumes. Many of the sites also have costumes for adults as well, along with an assortment of accessories.

Costume Express has a wide range of astronaut costumes for both children and adults. In addition to the white astronaut outfits, they also have blue and orange suits like those worn by NASA astronauts. There is even a jetpack backpack for kids.

Costume Craze offers a good selection of costumes. With a variety of styles for both children and adults, you can choose from orange and blue jumpsuits, or white and silver spacesuits.

The Space Store has one of the largest selections of apparel and space clothing. They have replica spacesuits that look like the real thing and are made to order as well as accessories to go with it. They also have plenty of sets for children at more reasonable prices. In addition to actual outfits, the store has NASA patches for sale.

Just Kids Costumes has several astronaut costumes from which to choose. The site also has costumes for toddlers.

Costume Zone offers a number of astronaut costumes for adults and children. They also have astronaut helmet and boots to complete the look.

Fantasy Toyland has different style astronaut costumes for your child.

Little Kids Stuff has everything your little astronaut needs – except maybe for a rocket. The site has costumes for infants up to adults. One of their best costumes is a fairly realistic-looking outfit that comes with the space suit, boots, a space backpack, and a space helmet.

Space Toys, in addition to selling toys, offers space apparel. Much of the clothing at this site is a step up from your normal Halloween costume. The merchandise at Space Toys is extremely realistic. The prices do match the higher quality though. The website has more merchandise for adults than most other sites, but they also have plenty for children as well.

Astronaut Space Suits offers high-end replica spacesuits to their customers.

Universe Today has articles on the spacesuit and how many men have walked on the Moon.

If you are looking for more information, check out making your own astronaut costume and Costume Express.

Astronomy Cast has an episode on spacesuits.