Water Found on the Surface of an Asteroid

Our Solar System is a collection of objects from planets and moons to comets and asteroids. It's thought there are…

3 weeks ago

Webb Directly Images Two Planets Orbiting White Dwarfs

In several billion years, our Sun will become a white dwarf. What will happen to Jupiter and Saturn when the…

1 month ago

Some of the Moon's Craters are From Interstellar Impacts. Can We Tell Which?

By discovering two interstellar objects (ISOs), we know that asteroids and comets from other star systems pass through the Solar…

4 months ago

ESA’s Hera Mission is Bringing Two Cubesats Along. They’ll Be Landing on Dimorphos

In about one year from now, the European Space Agency will launch its Hera mission. Its destination is the asteroid…

4 months ago

A Huge New Gaia Data Release: More Stars, Gravitational Lenses and Asteroids

The ESA's Gaia mission is releasing a new tranche of astronomical data. The mission has released three regular, massive hauls…

5 months ago

The OSIRIS-REx Capsule Has Landed! Asteroid Samples Returned!

The samples obtained by NASA's OSIRIS-REx of the asteroid Bennu landed this morning and will be analyzed shortly!

5 months ago

Lucy Has its First Asteroid Target in the Crosshairs

NASA's Lucy spacecraft launched almost one year ago, in October of 2021. Its journey is an ambitious one, and long.…

6 months ago

DART Had a Surprising Impact on its Target

After NASA's DART mission slammed into asteroid Dimorphous in September 2022, scientists determined the impact caused tons of rock to…

6 months ago

Engineers Design a Robot That Can Stick To, Crawl Along, and Sail Around Rubble Pile Asteroids

Asteroids come in many shapes and sizes. Most are spherical, though many have a feature that can make them difficult…

7 months ago

Threats From Above Lead the List of Space Concerns in New Survey

Sending astronauts to the moon is OK — but more Americans think NASA should instead put a high priority on…

8 months ago