artificial gravity

A Rotating Spacecraft Would Solve So Many Problems in Spaceflight

If you watch astronauts in space then you will know how they seem to float around their spaceship. Spaceships in…

2 months ago

Want to Stay Healthy in Space? Then you Want Artificial Gravity

A new study involving fruit flies aboard the ISS demonstrates the importance of artificial gravity for missions to deep-space.

2 years ago

We Still Have no Idea if it's Safe to be Pregnant in Space

Can humans reproduce in space? The short answer is that we don’t know. The long answer is maybe, but there…

2 years ago

A Huge Rotating Kilometer-Scale Space Station Could be Launched From a Single Rocket

Artificial gravity remains the stuff of science fiction.  But dealing with no gravity causes significant problems in many astronauts, ranging…

2 years ago

A Habitat at Ceres Could be the Gateway to the Outer Solar System

A new proposal from the inventor of the E-sail shows how we could create an Earth-like space habitat around Ceres,…

4 years ago

Gateway Foundation Gives a Detailed Update on its Voyager Station Concept

The Gateway Foundation just released a video update for their Voyager Class space station, and announced that big news is…

4 years ago

To Avoid Vision Problems in Space, Astronauts Will Need Some Kind of Artificial Gravity

A new study by an international team of researchers has indicated the need for artificial gravity to mitigate the effects…

6 years ago

Is Human Hibernation Possible? Going to Sleep for Long Duration Spaceflight

We know trips in space will take a long time. Can we go to sleep for the journey and then…

7 years ago

Construction Tips from a Type 2 Engineer: Collaboration with Isaac Arthur

Fraser Cain and Isaac Arthur team up again to bring you another epic collaboration. This time, it’s construction tips from…

7 years ago

How Far Can You Travel?

If you accelerate at 1G, you can create artificial gravity inside your spaceship. And there’s the added advantage that you…

8 years ago