Introducing Magic: Analog Sky’s New 3D Printed Binoculars for Astronomy

Analog Sky's New Magic Bino-Viewer. Credit Analog Sky.

A new project promises to ‘bring back the magic’ to night sky observing.

When it comes to deep sky observing versus portability, we’ve all been there. How do you balance the trade-off between big complicated optics, with something basic and simple to use? We’ll make a small confession: while big light bucket optics have their place in astronomy, only binoculars give you a true view of the sky.

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Introducing Analog Sky’s 3D-Printed Giant Binoculars

Sky scanner
A set of Analog Sky binoculars, set up for a night's worth of observing. Credit: Analog Sky.

Update: we’re happy to announce that Analog Sky is making a special offer just for Universe Today readers for its new giant binoculars.

A unique, crowd-sourced, 3D-printed telescope is poised to revolutionize how we look at the sky.

Late last year, we announced Oregon-based innovator and amateur astronomer Robert Asumendi’s plans to release the Analog Sky telescope system, featuring a set of giant space binoculars. Now, we’re happy to announce that Robert has officially launched the project as a crowd-funded campaign on Indiegogo.

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