We’re Not Saying It’s Aliens Because It’s Not Aliens. But Check Out These UFO Data Visualizations

Sam Monfort, a Doctoral Candidate at George Mason University, has created a series of visuals that illustrate the trends in…

7 years ago

Shouldn’t We Fix the Earth First?

Fraser gives 5 answers to the question, “why should we explore space when we have so many problems here on…

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Going Viral: Why Alien Signals Get Everyone Excited

So, that ‘strong’ signal from aliens everyone was so excited about this week? Turns out, it was probably something from…

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Why Haven’t We Found Any Aliens Yet?

A growing list of scientists believe life on Earth only came about because of a lucky series of evolutionary accidents,…

7 years ago

Don’t Want Aliens Dropping By? Engage Laser Cloaking Device

Powerful arrays of lasers could hide our presence from the prying eyes of aliens.

8 years ago

Why Haven’t We Heard From All The Aliens? Because They’re All Dead!

According to researchers from Australia National University, the reason humanity has found no evidence of alien life may be because…

8 years ago

Would We See the Aliens Coming?

If aliens were heading towards the Earth, would we see them coming? Classic sci fi trope time. The air force…

9 years ago

How Do Aliens Think? We Need To Learn About Their Biology First, Analyst Argues

TORONTO, CANADA - Should E.T. finally give Earth a ring, it's not only important to understand what the message says…

9 years ago

Are Intelligent Civilizations Doomed?

One answer to the Fermi Paradox is the idea of the Great Filter; the possibility that something wipes out 100%…

9 years ago

Astronomy Cast Ep. 346: Area 51

Who knows what mysteries lurk at the military's Area 51 complex in Nevada? Conspiracy theorists and UFO chasers think it's…

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