alien civilizations

Do Advanced Civilizations Know We're Here?

Although humans have only sent a couple of tentative signals into space, many are concerned about the risks. Should we…

10 months ago

What Does 60 Years of Silence Tell Us About the Search for Extraterrestrials?

Astronomers have only been scanning the skies for a signal from extraterrestrial civilizations for about 60 years. Although no signal…

11 months ago

SETI Researchers Are Simulating Alien Contact — and You Can Help

Is it a multimedia art project? Or a rehearsal for alien contact? Let's call it both: Researchers specializing in the…

1 year ago

Aliens Could Map Earth From its Mobile Phone Towers

Mobile phones are so ubiquitous that we typically don't think about how they work. They just do, much to our…

1 year ago

Maybe We Don’t See Aliens Because Nobody Wants to Come Here

The Fermi Paradox won't go away. It's one of our most compelling thought experiments, and generations of scientists keep wrestling…

2 years ago

We Could Detect Extraterrestrial Satellite Megaconstellations Within a few Hundred Light-Years

If an alien civilization has a Starlink-like constellation of satellites, we might be able to find them.

3 years ago

The First Civilization We Contact Will Have Been Around Much Longer Than Humanity

Recently at UT, author Matt Williams has been writing a series called “Beyond Fermi’s Paradox”, which takes a look at…

4 years ago

We use the Transit Method to Find other Planets. Which Extraterrestrial Civilizations Could use the Transit Method to Find Earth?

We have found more than 4,000 planets orbiting other stars. Life on distant worlds could find us in the same…

4 years ago

Extraterrestrial Hunters Figure Out a Way to Expand Their Search for Signals by a Factor of 200

Thanks to a new study by SETI researchers, Breakthrough Listen's search for extraterrestrial intelligence has expanded by a factor of…

4 years ago

Calculate the Number of Alien Civilizations in the Milky Way for Yourself.

A new online tool created by a team of physicists allows users to calculate how many alien civilization could be…

4 years ago