This 3D Simulation of a Supernova Needed 5 Million Hours of Supercomputing

When the largest stars in the Universe run out of fuel, they detonate as supernovae, collapsing inward and leaving behind…

9 months ago

A New Observatory Will Spot Core-Collapse Supernovae Before They Explode

Although we haven't had a supernova explode nearby in a few hundred years, it's just a matter of time before…

9 months ago

The Closest Supernova Seen in the Modern Era, Examined by JWST

In 1987, a supernova suddenly appeared in the Large Magellanic Cloud and was studied by astronomers worldwide. Although the detonating…

10 months ago

Did this Supernova Explode Twice?

All supernovae are exploding stars. But the nature of a supernova explosion varies quite a bit. One type, named Type…

10 months ago

Supernovae are the Source of Dust in Early Galaxies

Dust is the building block for much of the Universe, including the planet you were born on. But where did…

11 months ago

Astronomers See the Same Supernova Four Times Thanks to a Gravitational Lens

Thanks to a well-placed gravitational lens, a team of astronomers was able to observe a supernova four times!

12 months ago

Gemini North Returns to Service Just in Time to See a New Supernova

The 8-meter Gemini North telescope has been brought back online after seven months of repairs and refurbishment of its primary…

1 year ago

Betelgeuse is Almost 50% Brighter Than Normal. What’s Going On?

Whenever something happens with Betelgeuse, speculations about it exploding as a supernova proliferate. It would be cool if it did.…

1 year ago

Not All Type 1a Supernovae are Created Equally

New research shows that there are variations in how white dwarfs explode.

1 year ago

The Largest Explosion Ever Seen in the Universe

Astronomers have witnessed the most powerful supernova on record, which could provide insight into the forces that shape galaxies.

1 year ago