Video of Green Comet 45P Puts You Close To The Action

Watch Comet 45P pirouette end over end in this detailed radar view of the comet's nucleus.

5 years ago

Astronomers Think They Know Where Rosetta’s Comet Came From

A new study reveals that Rosetta's Comet likely spent billions of years chilling in the Kuiper Belt before chance interactions…

6 years ago

Here Are the Last Images We’ll Ever See From Rosetta

The Rosetta team has released the final batch of images taken by the NAVCAM during the last month of its…

6 years ago

Journey’s End: Comet Crash for Rosetta Mission Finale

With a soft “awwww” from the mission team in the control center in Darmstadt, Germany, the signal from the Rosetta…

6 years ago

Rosetta Wows With Amazing Closeups of Comet 67P Before Final ‘Crunchdown’

After 10 years pursuing 67P/C-G and more than two years studying it from orbit, Rosetta made the comet's icy nucleus…

6 years ago

Bye, Bye Rosetta — We’ll Miss You!

The Rosetta comet probe will leave its flyover orbit today to prepare for its dramatic free-fall descent to the surface…

6 years ago

Hubble Captures The Sharpest Image Of A Disintegrating Comet Ever

Comets crack up regularly, but rarely do we get a front row seat to watch one disintegrate before our eyes.…

6 years ago

There It Is! Philae Lander Found

The search is over, and looking at these images, no wonder it was so hard to find the little Philae…

6 years ago

Goodbye Forever Philae; We Hardly Knew Ye

You can’t say they didn’t try, but the news is sad nonetheless. ESA announced the mission for the Philae lander…

6 years ago

Rock Around the Comet Clock with Hubble

The Hubble Space Telescope takes a deep look into the Comet 252P/LINEAR and discovers a spinning jet. We look at…

6 years ago