Why Don't We See Robotic Civilizations Rapidly Expanding Across the Universe?

In 1950, while sitting down to lunch with colleagues at the Los Alamos Laboratory, famed physicist and nuclear scientist Enrico Fermi asked his famous question: “Where is Everybody?” In short, Fermi was addressing the all-important question that has plagued human minds since they first realized planet Earth was merely a speck in an infinite Universe. …

Do Advanced Civilizations Know We're Here?

Although humans have only sent a couple of tentative signals into space, many are concerned about the risks. Should we let alien civilizations know we’re here? According to a new paper, humanity has already been broadcasting its existence for thousands of years, and civilizations with advanced enough technology should be able to observe us. It’s science fiction to us, but megastructure space telescopes could have baselines of millions of kilometers, powerful enough to detect structures on the surface of Earth from thousands of light-years away.

Astronomers Scan the Center of the Milky Way for Any Sign of Intelligent Civilizations. Nothing but Silence.

Are there civilizations somewhere else in the Universe? Somewhere else in the Milky Way? That’s one of our overarching questions, and an answer in the affirmative would be profound. Humanity’s pursued the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) in one form or another since shortly after the advent of radio waves in the early 20th century. …

We Could Snoop on Extraterrestrial Communications Networks

SETI researchers have directed their search toward interesting star systems where extraterrestrial civilizations could send signals toward Earth. According to a new paper, sufficiently advanced civilizations will communicate across the galaxy, sending signals between stars, rogue planets, and interstellar objects. They’ll probably be using pulsars as a navigation system to coordinate their activities at a vast scale. To confirm their existence, we just have to listen in.