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Buy Some Eclipse Glasses for the Upcoming Annular Eclipse or Venus Transit


There are two amazing events coming up that you’re going to want to watch: the May 20th Annular Eclipse, and the June 5/6 Venus Transit. If you want to watch these spectacles with your own eyes, you need to protect your vision from the burning ball of plasma in the sky – get a pair of Eclipse Glasses.

Astronomy Without Borders has partnered up with Woodland Hills Telescopes to sell AWB-branded eclipse glasses.

Here are the details:

These Eclipse Shades® Safe Solar Glasses are absolutely safe for direct solar viewing of solar eclipses and sunspots. The black polymer lens material is scratch resistant, optical density 5 and CE certified. It filters out 100% of harmful ultra-violet, 100% of harmful infrared, and 99.999% of intense visible light and creates a pleasing orange image of the Sun.

The glasses cost $0.95 each when you order 10-25, with bigger discounts from there – so you need to buy in bulk. Obviously, you’d only order these for your classroom, astronomy club, or eclipse/transit party. And if you do buy, 100% of sale proceeds go to Astronomers Without Borders to support astronomy programs worldwide.

Click here to find out more.

If you want to order a smaller number of eclipse glasses, check out this option from

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