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Australia Pictures

One of the best ways to appreciate Australia is to see it from space. Here are some cool Australia pictures captured by satellites.

This is an image of Australia captured by NASA’s Galileo spacecraft as it was speeding away from Earth towards its final destination of Jupiter.

Here’s a photo of the West Coast of Australia captured by the MODIS sensor on board NASA’s Terra satellite. This image shows how Australia can have red deserts, agricultural regions and spectacular coastlines.

This is an image of Southwest Australia captured by NASA’s Terra satellite. It shows the continent’s deserts but also its old growth forest near the coast.

This is a photo of South-Central Australia, which is home to several of the continent’s many deserts. The white regions in this photograph are some of Australia’s dry salt lake beds.

This is a photograph of Spider Crater in Western Australia. Scientists think the crater was formed between 600 and 900 million years ago.

We’ve written many articles about Australia for Universe Today. Here’s an article about a giant iceberg that was headed for Australia, and here’s an article about a huge river of dust above Australia.

If you’d like more info on Australia, check out the site for NASA’s radio telescope in Australia, and here’s and article about bushfires in Australia.

We’ve recorded an entire episode of Astronomy Cast about Earth. Listen here, Episode 51: Earth.

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