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LEGO Announces the Space Shuttle Discovery and Hubble Edition

When I saw the opportunity to write about a new Lego set featuring the Space Shuttle Discovery and Hubble, I immediately went to my 7 year old son, who is obsessed with Legos, and asked him if he thought I should write about it.  He immediately agreed, so now I have the pleasure of introducing UT’s audience to one of Lego’s newest sets – #10283 – NASA Space Shuttle Discovery.

Lego’s description of the new Space Shuttle Discovery set.

The set is set to come out on Thursday April 1st – barring any comical last minute changes from the Danish toy company due to their choice of launch date.  Priced at $199, it is certainly not the most expensive lego set released to the public, especially compared to another space-themed Lego set, the Millenium Falcon, with a current selling price of $1190 on Amazon.  

Be amazed as the silent master of Lego building takes on the biggest set ever made publicly available.
Credit: BrickBuilder YouTube Channel

Features of the new NASA set are much more down to Earth though.  It includes a model Hubble, which Discovery actually launched 31 years ago in April 1990 as part of STS-31.  Discovery itself has retractable landing gear, a robotic arm, and a removable cockpit that allows the builder to see the flight deck directly.  Also included are a few business cards providing details of both Discovery and Hubble.  Luckily, it also comes with a handy orange Lego separator piece, which has saved the fingernails of many parents roped into the almost impossible task of separating two Lego bricks by hand.

The humble separator piece is one of the most useful of all Lego pieces and has saved hundreds of thousands of fingernails over the years.
Credit: The Lego Company

The whole set comes in at 2354 pieces, and Discovery now gets to join other NASA Lego sets such as #92176 – The Saturn V Rocket, #21321 – The International Space Station, and #10266 – The Apollo Lunar Lander.  Assumedly more NASA themed sets are in the works – maybe some announcements will accompany the release of Discovery on April 1st.  Lego Lunar Gateway anyone?

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Lead Image:
Lego’s new Space Shuttle Discovery Set
Credit: The Lego Company

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