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Space News for July 14, 1999

Progress May Launch to Mir After All

Kazakhstan officials are considering allowing a Progress supply shuttle to reach the beleaguered Mir spacestation. They had originally cancelled all flights from the Baikonur cosmodrome due to a satellite crash, but appeals from the Russian government have caused them to reconsider their position. These supplies are need to keep Mir from reentering orbit uncontrollably.

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Russia Considered Launching Nuclear Bomb at Moon

Once it was clear they were going to lose the space race, Russian officials considered launching a nuclear missile at the moon, to allow scientists around the world to photograph it. As the 30th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing approaches, new insights into the Russian side of the race are made available to the public.

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Asteroid Threat Reduced to Zero

Although initial calculations showed a slight possibility that asteroid 1999 AN10 could crash into the Earth in 2028, this chance has now been reduced to zero. These recalculations come thanks to previously unknown 44-year old photographs of the asteroid, giving astronomers more information to calculate the asteroid’s trajectory.


Chinese Manned Flight Becomes Distinct Possibility

The Chinese government has embarked on a serious and public program to develop manned spaceflight missions. Although they had hoped to place a man in orbit by October, recent delays with their rocket systems have pushed this back 12-18 months.

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New Space Station Supply Vessel in Development

DaimlerCrysler Aerospace and French aerospace company Aerospatiale Matra Lanceurs have signed a contract to develop a supply vessel for the International Space Station. Designed to transfer supplies to the station, and to remove trash, the Automated Transfer Vessel (ATV) will be built by 2003.


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