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Now’s Your Chance to Play Kerbal Space Program for Only $12 US

I’m a huge fan of the Kerbal Space Program. I’m not great at it, but I’m a huge fan. In fact, I’ve said on many occasions that I’ve learned more about orbital mechanics from this game than I have from almost 20 years of space journalism – and I’m not the only one.

It’s one thing to write stories about rockets flying to orbit, and quite another to actually design, launch and then pilot your own vehicle into orbit.

And if you’ve been sitting on the fence, there’s a pretty sweet deal going on right now from Humble Bundle. For $12 USD you can sign up for their Monthly Humble Bundle and get Kerbal Space Program and two other games. And then when the full bundle unlocks you’ll get a handful of additional games. Part of the money goes to worthy charities too.

Normally Kerbal Space Program costs $40ish on Steam, and I’ve seen it in discounts of 40% off, so I’ve never seen it going this cheap.

This isn’t an ad, by the way, Humble Bundle didn’t give me any money. I’ve been a paying customer of the Monthly Bundles since they started up and I’m always find good value and fun games to play each month when they unlock. In fact, I’ve mostly stopped buying games these days because they keep showing up in Humble Bundles.

If you do pick up the game, and you’re having a tough time getting started, watch some pros at work. Check out my friends EJ_SA or Scott Manley on Twitch.

Source: Humble Monthly

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