yutu lunar lander

NASA Lunar Orbiter snaps Spectacular Images of Yutu Moon Rover driving around Chang’e-3 Lander

by Ken Kremer March 7, 2014

The powerful telescopic camera aboard NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) has captured spectacular new images detailing the traverse of China’s Yutu moon rover around the landing site during its first two months exploring the Moon’s pockmarked grey terrain. The newly released high resolution LRO images even show Yutu’s tracks cutting into the lunar surface as […]

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Close Encounters of the Lunar Kind – LRO images LADEE

by Ken Kremer January 30, 2014

A pair of NASA spacecraft orbiting Earth’s nearest celestial neighbor just experienced a brief ‘Close Encounter of the Lunar Kind’. Proof of the rare orbital tryst has now been revealed by NASA in the form of spectacular imagery (see above and below) just released showing NASA’s recently arrived Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) […]

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China’s 1st Lunar Lander snaps 1st landing site Panorama

by Ken Kremer December 22, 2013

China’s inaugural Chang’e-3 lunar lander has snapped the missions first panoramic view of the touchdown spot at Mare Imbrium. Chinese space officials have now released the dramatic surface imagery captured by the Chang’e-3 mothership on Dec. 15, via a video news report on CCTV. To make it easier to see and sense ‘the new view […]

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Tonight: The Rise of the 2013 “Mini-Moon”

by David Dickinson December 16, 2013

  The final Full Moon of 2013 occurs tonight, and along with it comes something special: the most distant and visually smallest Full Moon of 2013. Why doesn’t the annual “mini-moon” receive the same fanfare and hype that the yearly perigee – or do you say Proxigean to be uber-obscure – “supermoon” does? The smallest Full […]

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Chinese rover & lander beam back Portraits with China’s Flag shining on Moon’s Surface

by Ken Kremer December 15, 2013

China’s ambitious lunar space exploration program achieved another stunning success Sunday night, Dec 15, when the countries inaugural Chang’e-3 lunar lander and rover beamed back portraits of one another snapped from the Moon’s surface – that also proudly displayed the brilliant red Chinese national flag shining atop an extraterrestrial body for the very first time […]

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