‘Star Trek’ Spaceship Model Soars Into Stratosphere

by Elizabeth Howell May 17, 2013

It was billed as the U.S. S. Enterprise’s first “real” flight in space, but the spaceship didn’t get quite that far. Elizabeth Howell on Google+

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Hunting for High Life: What Lives in Earth’s Stratosphere?

by Jason Major November 15, 2012

The Moon photographed through the layers of the atmosphere from the ISS in December 2003 (NASA/JSC) What lives at the edge of space? Other than high-flying jet aircraft pilots (and the occasional daredevil skydiver) you wouldn’t expect to find many living things over 10 kilometers up — yet this is exactly where one NASA researcher […]

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Toronto Teens Launch “Lego Man in Space”

by Ken Kremer January 29, 2012

Updated:Jan. 30 Two teens from Toronto,Canada have launched “Lego Man in Space” using a helium filled weather balloon and captured stunning video of the miniature toy figure back dropped by the beautiful curvature of Earth and the desolate blackness of space that’s become a worldwide YouTube sensation – over 2 million hits ! 17 year […]

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Atmosphere Layers

by Fraser Cain September 9, 2009

Seen from space, the Earth’s atmosphere is incredibly thin, like a slight haze around the planet. But the atmosphere has several different layers that scientists have identified; from the thick atmosphere that we breathe to the tenuous exosphere that extends out thousands of kilometers from the Earth. Let’s take a look at the different atmosphere […]

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