Fly to Rosetta’s Comet with this New Interactive Visualization

by Bob King April 3, 2014

Hang onto your space helmets. ¬†With a few moves of the mouse, you can now follow the European Rosetta mission to its target comet with this interactive 3-D simulator. Go ahead and give it a click – it’s live!

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See Comet ISON Fly through Earth’s Sky with this Awesome Interactive Simulator

by Bob King November 15, 2013

Here’s a handy tool. The folks at INOVE Space Models¬†have just updated their awesome Comet ISON flyby simulation with a second point of view – how it looks from Earth. The first version let us watch from afar as ISON dives across across the solar system until it makes a hard left at the sun […]

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A Virtual Galactic Smash-Up!

by Jason Major November 26, 2012

An online simulator for galactic collisions (Adrian Price-Whelan/Columbia University) Have you ever had the desire to build your own galaxies, setting your own physical parameters and including as many stars as you want, and then smash them together like two toy cars on a track? Well, now you can do just that from the comfort […]

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