Hot Gas Bridge Discovered Connecting Galaxy Clusters

by Jason Major November 20, 2012

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter An “bridge” of hot gas stretches between galaxy clusters Abell 401 and Abell 399 It may not be good practice to burn bridges but this is one super-heated bridge that astronomers were happy to find: an enormous swath of hot gas connecting […]

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How Do Microwaves Work

by John Carl Villanueva November 18, 2009

Microwave ovens don’t operate in the same manner as conventional ovens. So how do microwaves work then? Microwave ovens take advantage of the behavior of water molecules when subjected to electromagnetic waves found in the microwave band. To understand how this happens, we’ll have to comprehend the basic properties of water molecules and microwaves (the […]

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