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The Cyber-Myth That Just Won’t Die: See Mars as Large as a Full Moon!!!

by David Dickinson August 27, 2013

It’s hard to believe that it’s been with us for a decade now. Ten years ago this week, the planet Mars reached made an exceptionally close pass of the planet Earth. This occurred on August 27th, 2003, when Mars was only 56 million kilometres from our fair planet and shined at magnitude -2.9. Such an event […]

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NASA Looks at 3-D Food Printer for Star Trek-like Replicator

by David Dickinson May 22, 2013

The International Space Station may soon have its very own Star Trek food replicator. Earlier this week, NASA awarded a $125,000 six month grant to the Systems & Materials Research Cooperation to design a 3D printer capable of printing a pizza from 30-year shelf stable foodstuffs. David Dickinson on Google+

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