Alan Friedman

A Stunning Image of our Home Star

by Jason Major July 14, 2014

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter Active regions 2108 and 2109 are now passing around the limb of the Sun, but not before solar photography specialist Alan Friedman grabbed a few pictures of them on Friday!   The image above, captured by Alan from his location in Buffalo, […]

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Catching Sunlight: A TEDx Talk by DIY Solar Photographer Alan Friedman

by Jason Major January 7, 2013

Video poster frame shows Alan Friedman’s 90mm hydrogen alpha telescope setup — nicknamed “Little Big Man” — on an Astro-Physics 900 equatorial mount. We’ve featured several beautiful images of the Sun here on Universe Today, captured by the talented Alan Friedman from his backyard telescope in Buffalo, NY. While photos of the Sun in and […]

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A Shimmering, Simmering Sunspot

by Jason Major July 12, 2012

This quick animation made by astrophotographer Alan Friedman shows a 30-minute view of sunspot 1520, a large region of magnetic activity on the Sun that’s currently aimed directly at Earth. Although 1520 has been quiet for the past couple of days, it’s loaded with a delta-class magnetic field — just right for launching powerful X-class […]

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The “Deep Blue Sea” of the Sun

by Jason Major June 21, 2012

Looking like an intricate pen-and-ink illustration, the complex and beautiful structures of the Sun’s surface come to life in yet another stunning photo by Alan Freidman, captured from the historic Mount Wilson Observatory near Los Angeles, California. Click below for the full-size image in all its hydrogen alpha glory. Remove this ad Jason Major on […]

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Super Moon? How About a Super Sun!

by Jason Major May 6, 2012

On May 5, 2012, while everyone else was waiting for the “Super Moon” astrophotographer Alan Friedman was out capturing this super image of a super Sun from his back yard in Buffalo, NY! Remove this ad Jason Major on Google+

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