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Remembrances and Reflections: Sir Patrick Moore 1923 – 2012

by Jenny Winder December 10, 2012

Sir Patrick Moore. Credit: Astronomers, both professional and amateur, throughout the world, were saddened yesterday to hear of the death of Sir Patrick Moore. He was the reason many of them became interested in the stars in the first place. For 55 years, from 26 April 1957 until his final broadcast on 3 December […]

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GOCE – How Low Can It Go?

by Jenny Winder November 19, 2012

Caption: GOCE over ice. Credits: ESA – AOES Medialab Since March 2009, the European Space Agency (ESA) mission, Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer (GOCE) has been orbiting Earth. It carries highly sensitive instrumentation able to detect tiny variations in the pull of gravity across the surface of the planet, allowing it to map […]

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Spaceflight: Taking it Lying Down

by Jenny Winder November 13, 2012

Caption: Bedrest volunteer in bed during a study conducted in 2005. Credit: ESA As you get older, do feel you could do with more rest? Our bodies lose bone density and muscle strength as we age. Astronauts in space suffer similar changes but at a much faster rate. Finding ways to understand and combat this […]

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Space for the Cost of a Movie Ticket

by Jenny Winder November 8, 2012

The European Space Agency (ESA) was founded by 10 European states back in 1975 with the idea that “We can do more, together.” Today Europe’s gateway to space is a cooperative, intergovernmental organisation, with 20 European member nations representing 500 million citizens, coming together in their national interest and common good. On 20-21 November ESA’s […]

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Huge New ESA Tracking Station is Ready for Duty

by Jenny Winder November 2, 2012

Caption: ESA’s giant Malargüe tracking station Credits: ESA/S. Marti To keep in contact with an ever growing armada of spacecraft ESA has developed a tracking station network called ESTRACK. This is a worldwide system of ground stations providing links between satellites in orbit and ESA’s Operations Control Centre (ESOC) located in Darmstadt, Germany. The core […]

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