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Eva Gallant,@GallantRI, is self employed living in Rhode Island with her family. She studied engineering and psychology in college. As a child she wanted to become an astronaut and finally caught a shuttle launch in person on the last launch ever. To this day science and space fascinate her on a daily basis.

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Book Review and Giveaway: Flags of the Night Sky by Andre G. Bordeleau

by Eva Gallant March 3, 2014

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter It’s a reasonable assumption that most Universe Today website visitors are, at the very least, intrigued by the night sky. This Universe Today reader, someone who always enjoys learning something new, was surprised to discover yet another cultural association with the wonders of the […]

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Kids Book Review: “Beyond the Solar System”

by Eva Gallant June 12, 2013

It is probably a safe bet that even as children, Universe Today readers gazed at the night sky with awe and wonder. Did you wish upon the first star light, star bright in the sky? Cultures across time have spun tales around constellations – images projected on the night’s expanse based on our perceptions. As […]

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Book Review: Weird Life: The Search for Life That is Very, Very Different from Our Own

by Eva Gallant April 29, 2013

Think about Dr. Seuss’ classic book If I Ran The Zoo. Young Gerald McGrew has an active imagination creating heretofore unheard of creatures to make his zoo the most astounding by far. All of Gerald’s inventions are quite interesting. But add them to the long list of different beings humans across time have dreamt up […]

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Book Review: Moon Hoax

by Eva Gallant April 9, 2013

Apollo 11, a spaceflight forever cemented in history books, signifies the moment when humans first walked on the Moon. Since that historical day, the US has been the only nation to set foot on the Moon. But what do you do if someone says this event wasn’t real? Conspiracy theorists have always been on the […]

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Book Review: Cry From a Silent Planet

by Eva Gallant November 20, 2012

Book Review: Cry from a Silent Planet,a science fiction novel by John Rowland Scientists around the globe are fascinated by and continuously hunt for life outside of Earth, as well as in extreme conditions on Earth. Projects such as SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, scan the skies hunting for alien signals. The Kepler spacecraft […]

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