weather on mars

Accurately Forecasting the Weather on Mars and Titan

Even meteorologists who forecast the weather on Earth admit that they can’t always accurately predict the weather at a specific…

3 years ago

Amazing View of How Dust Storms Grow on Mars

In 2018, Mars experienced one of its global dust storms, a phenomenon seen nowhere else. As science would have it,…

4 years ago

Curiosity Captures Gravity Wave Shaped Clouds On Mars

Images presented at the 48th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference this week showed the first indication of gravity waves around…

7 years ago

What is the Weather like on Mars?

Martian weather is both fascinating and extreme, involving such things as dry ice snows, planet-wide dust storms, and aurorae.

7 years ago

How Can Mars Sometimes Be Warmer Than Earth?

Remember a few weeks ago when the weather on Mars was making the news? At the time, parts of the…

9 years ago

Today’s Martian Weather: Partly Cloudy

[/caption] Changing seasons in Mars' northern hemisphere brings a change in the weather, and the clouds have rolled in to…

12 years ago