Pentagon Report Rules Out UFO Cover-Up, But the Debate Goes On

The Pentagon office in charge of investigating UFO reports --- now known officially as unidentified anomalous phenomena, or UAPs ---…

3 months ago

What’s Next for NASA’s UFO Research? Outside Observers Weigh In

BOULDER, Colo. — NASA says it's going to play a bigger role in studying what's behind unidentified anomalous phenomena, the…

8 months ago

Following Up on Report, NASA Takes On a Bigger Role in UFO Research

In response to a new report from an independent panel, NASA says it has appointed a director in charge of…

9 months ago

Pentagon Unveils New Website for Reporting (and Learning About) UFOs

The Pentagon has opened up a new portal on the internet for professionals to submit reports about UFOs — now…

10 months ago

Want to Find UFOs? That's a Job for Machine Learning

A new study shows how hyperspectral imaging and AI could help in the study of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

10 months ago

Witnesses Play Up the Alien Angle at Congressional UFO Hearing

Three former insiders who have played a role in dealing with UFOs -- or as they've now come to be…

11 months ago

UFO Panelists Say NASA Needs Better Data — and Help From AI

A panel of independent experts took a first-ever look at what NASA could bring to the study of UFO sightings…

1 year ago

UFO Office Fails to Find Anything That Defies the Laws of Physics

The head of the Pentagon office that is reviewing reported unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP – commonly known as UFOs, unidentified…

1 year ago

UFO Update Says Pentagon’s Case Count Is Rising Rapidly

A new report to Congress says the Pentagon's task force on UFOs --- now known as unidentified aerial phenomena, or…

1 year ago

NASA Announces the Team who'll be Studying UFO Data. It's a Pretty Impressive List

NASA just announced the members of the independent study team that will recommend how the study of UAP can help…

2 years ago