Tammy Plotner

The Delphinus Constellation

The northern constellation of Delphinus, located near the celestial equator, is one of the original 48 constellations compiled by Ptolemy

6 years ago

The Canis Minor Constellation

Located in the northern skies, surrounded by the Monoceros, Gemini, Cancer and Hydra, is the constellation known as Canis Minor.

7 years ago

Guide to the Constellations and Messier Objects by Tammy Plotner

We've decided to republish Tammy Plotner's Guide to the Messier Objects and Constellations, starting today with M1 - the Crab…

8 years ago

Tammy Plotner Has Passed Away

I just got the word that one of our writers, Tammy Plotner, just passed away after a long struggle with…

9 years ago

New Book: Night Sky Companion 2012

For those of us interested in the night sky, what could be better than having an astronomer for a friend?…

12 years ago