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New Book: Night Sky Companion 2012

For those of us interested in the night sky, what could be better than having an astronomer for a friend? Well, how about if that astronomer friend has written a book detailing everything you can see in the night sky for every night of the year?

Universe Today’s very own Tammy Plotner has written that book, and it’s called “Night Sky Companion 2012.” Inside, you’ll find information on meteor showers, planetary alignments, lunar features, deep sky objects, eclipses, transits and more. Tammy has written the book in her unique conversational tone (well known to UT readers!) and provides all the information you’ll need – for those just looking up with their own eyes to those using binoculars or even larger telescopes.

Tammy’s book is available on Amazon in both print ($19.99 USD) and Kindle ($4.99) formats.

“Night Sky Companion 2012” has nightly information for both northern and southern hemispheres, and the book provides coordinates, basic star charts and realistic illustrations to help you find what you want to see, every night of the year.

Tammy is no stranger to writing books, as she has written several night sky guides over the years (see the complete list here). And of course, she is an award-winning astronomer, too!

“The ‘Night Sky Companion 2012’ is not just about finding objects in the night sky,” says Tammy, “ it teaches you both the science and history of what you’re looking at. How far away is that star? How deep is that crater on the Moon? What comet caused this meteor shower? It’s like having an astronomer as your best friend… One that’s with you every night!”

For a preview of the book, use the “Look Inside” feature on

Join us in congratulating Tammy on her new book!


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