Starship and Super Heavy

Success! SpaceX’s Starship Makes a Splash in Fourth Flight Test

SpaceX's Starship earned high marks today in its fourth uncrewed flight test, making significant progress in the development of a…

1 week ago

Starship Reaches Orbit on SpaceX’s Third Test but Breaks Up on Re-Entry

After falling short in its first two attempts, SpaceX got its Starship super-rocket to an orbital altitude today during the…

3 months ago

SpaceX is Gearing Up for the Starship’s Third Orbital Test Flight

The Starship/Super Heavy is the world's first fully reusable launch system and the most powerful rocket in history. It is…

3 months ago

SpaceX Tested Its Starship Again. Successful Launch But Both Vehicles Were Destroyed

SpaceX has completed its second orbital launch test; and once again, the results were a bit mixed!

7 months ago

Starship Could Be Ready to Launch on Friday

Space exploration should never be run of the mill nor something that finds itself on the back pages of the…

7 months ago

SpaceX Starship Effectively Grounded by FAA After in-Flight Explosion

After the Starship's orbital flight test ended in an explosion, SpaceX is grounded while the FAA performs an assessment.

1 year ago

SpaceX’s Starship Has a Glorious Liftoff — but Then Spins and Explodes

SpaceX's Starship launch system lifted off on its first full-scale test flight today, rising majestically from its Texas launch pad…

1 year ago

Will the Starship be Ready for an April Launch?

SpaceX is gearing up for an orbital launch test this month, putting them one step closer to regular launches with…

1 year ago

Starship and Super Heavy are Stacked up Again. How Long Until They fly?

The Starship and Super Heavy are fully stacked for the first time in six months, which could mean an orbital…

2 years ago

SpaceX Super Heavy Fires Just one of its Engines. Imagine What it’ll be Like When it Fires all 33

Musk just tweeted an image of the BN7 Super Heavy Booster successfully conducting a static fire test!

2 years ago