Webb Sees Globular Clusters Forming in the Early Universe

Picture the Universe's ancient beginnings. In the vast darkness, light was emitted from a particular galaxy only 460 million years…

3 weeks ago

Webb is an Amazing Supernova Hunter

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has just increased the number of known distant supernovae by tenfold. This rapid expansion…

1 month ago

JWST Sees a Milky Way-Like Galaxy Coming Together in the Early Universe

The gigantic galaxies we see in the Universe today, including our own Milky Way galaxy, started out far smaller. Mergers…

5 months ago

JWST Sees a Galaxy Cluster Coming Together in the Early Universe

One of the James Webb Space Telescope‚Äôs science goals is to help cosmologists understand how the first galaxies and galaxy…

1 year ago

This JWST Image Shows Gravitational Lensing at its Finest

The latest image release from the James Webb Space Telescope shows another beautiful field filled with galaxies and gravitational lenses

1 year ago

A new Technique Could use Quasars to Directly Measure the Expansion Rate of the Universe

The evolution of cosmic expansion could be measured by a new method using intensity correlation speckles.

3 years ago

The Most Distant Massive Galaxy Observed to Date Provides Insight into the Early Universe

A team of international astronomers have just observed the most distant massive galaxy to date, providing clues to galaxy formation…

7 years ago

Do Stars Move? Tracking Their Movements Across the Sky

The stars look static in the sky, but are they moving? How fast, and how do we know? What events…

7 years ago

Is Another Universe Sitting Too Close To Us On The Multiverse Bus?

A new survey of the CMB's Cold Spot has ruled out the possibility that this anomaly is caused by a…

7 years ago

James Webb Space Telescope Celebrated in Stunning New Video

A new short film showcases the James Webb Telescope - the successor to Hubble - and all the amazing things…

8 years ago