red dwarf flaring

TRAPPIST-1 Outer Planets Likely Have Water

The TRAPPIST-1 solar system generated a swell of interest when it was observed several years ago. In 2016, astronomers using the Transiting…

1 month ago

Finding Atmospheres on Red Dwarf Planets Will Take Hundreds of Hours of Webb Time

The JWST is enormously powerful. One of the reasons it was launched is to examine exoplanet atmospheres to determine their…

3 months ago

Could Earth Life Survive on a Red Dwarf Planet?

Even though exoplanet science has advanced significantly in the last decade or two, we're still in an unfortunate situation. Scientists…

3 months ago

TRAPPIST-1 Has Flares. What Does This Mean for its Planets?

Using spectra obtained by Webb, an international team examined three TRAPPIST-1 exoplanets during a series of flares.

8 months ago

Even the Calmest Red Dwarfs are Wilder than the Sun

There's something menacing about red dwarfs. Human eyes are accustomed to our benevolent yellow Sun and the warm light it…

1 year ago