Paranal Observatory

Exoplanet Orbits its Star Every 18 Hours. The Quickest Hot-Jupiter Ever Found

The Next Generation Transit Survey recently discovered a hot-Jupiter with the shortest orbital period observed to date, just 18 hours!

5 years ago

An Artificial Intelligence Just Found 56 New Gravitational Lenses

A team of European astronomers recently conducted the first use of AI to identify 56 new gravitational lenses from a…

7 years ago

Construction Begins on the Next Super Telescope

Great progress is being made on the European Extremely Large Telescope. Construction of the dome and the main telescope was…

7 years ago

Enjoy The Biggest Infrared Image Ever Taken Of The Small Magellanic Cloud Without All That Pesky Dust In The Way

A new image of the Small Magellanic Cloud reveals its population of stars in stunningly rich detail.

7 years ago

Hubble Watches Spinning Black Hole Swallow a Star

An international team of scientists claim that a superluminous event in a distant galaxy was caused by a star being…

8 years ago

VLTI Detects Exozodiacal Light Around Exoplanets

If you've ever stood outside after twilight has passed, or a few hours before the sun rises at dawn,  then…

10 years ago