New Horizons mission

NASA Wants to Send a Low-Cost Mission to Explore Neptune’s Moon Triton

A team of researchers from NASA and the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) recently proposed a low-cost mission to explore…

2 years ago

Pluto has “Sand Dunes”, but Instead of Sand, it’s Grains of Frozen Methane

After reviewing data from the New Horizons mission, an international team of scientists determined that Pluto has dunes made of…

2 years ago

Pluto is What You Get When a Billion Comets Smash Together

A new study conducted by researchers from the Southwest Research Institute indicates that Pluto could have formed from a billion…

2 years ago

New Horizons Team Has a New Nickname for the Spacecraft’s Next Target

The first Kuiper Belt Object that the New Horizons mission will investigate - MU69 - just received the nickname "Ultima…

3 years ago

New Horizons Just Took a Record Breaking Image. No Camera Has Ever Taken a Picture From This Far From Earth

This past December, the New Horizons probe took a series of pictures from the Kuiper Belt, thus breaking the record…

3 years ago

New Study Provides Explanation for Pluto’s Giant Blades of Ice

A new study by members of the New Horizons team has provided an explanation for Pluto's mysteries "bladed terrain".

3 years ago

New Horizons’ Next Flyby Target Just Got Weirder!

In preparation for their historic flyby with a KBO, the New Horizons team conducted observations that indicated that the target…

3 years ago

Hey Map Collectors, Here’s a New Map of Pluto!

Using data from the New Horizons spacecraft, the mission team has created some new maps of Pluto and its largest…

3 years ago

Thanks, Comet Pluto. Solar System Nomenclature Needs A Major Rethink

Thanks to new data from the New Horizons mission that shows how Pluto behaves as both a planet and a…

4 years ago

Ten Interesting Facts About Jupiter

Some of the more interesting characteristics of Jupiter are not generally known. Here are ten particularly interesting facts about this…

5 years ago