Neutron Star

Astronomers See A Dead Star Come Back To Life Thanks To A Donor Star

Two stars are caught in a unique relationship. The larger red giant star sheds material which its companion neutron star…

6 years ago

Kilonova Neutron Star Collision Probably Left Behind a Black Hole

According to a new study, the recent merger of two neutron stars (which was detected thanks to the gravitational waves…

7 years ago

Second Fastest Pulsar Spins 42,000 Times a Minute

Thanks to a team of researchers from the Netherlands, who used the Low Frequency Array (LOFAR), the second fastest-spinning pulsar…

7 years ago

Gravitational Astronomy? How Detecting Gravitational Waves Changes Everything

We’ve now had multiple detections of gravitational waves, opening up a whole new field: gravitational astronomy. We talk about the…

7 years ago

An Aging Pulsar has Captured a new Companion, and it’s Spinning back up Again

An international team of scientists, relying on data from XMM-Newton, have discovered a slowly-rotating pulsar that is slowly speeding back…

7 years ago

What Are Fast Radio Bursts?

Here's a big mystery in astronomy: fast radio bursts. Brief shrieks of radio waves coming from space. What are they?…

7 years ago

What Are Multiple Star Systems?

Not all stars are alone. Some come in pairs and more. And when there are multiple stars in a system,…

8 years ago

A Pulsar and White Dwarf Dance Together In A Surprising Orbit

The discovery of a millisecond pulsar orbiting a low-mass white dwarf star has astronomers puzzled, mainly because its orbit defies…

8 years ago

How Do Supernovae Fail?

You know what’s scarier than a supernova? A supernova that fails, imploding into a black hole, vanishing from the Universe.

8 years ago

What Are Magnetars?

Magnetars are neutron stars with massively boosted magnetic fields. How do this stellar remnants form, and what would happen if…

8 years ago