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An Asteroid Found Sharing the Orbit of Mars

Astronomers discovered another asteroid sharing Mars' orbit. These types of asteroids are called trojans, and they orbit in two clumps,…

3 weeks ago

Fragments From That Asteroid That Exploded Above Berlin Have Been Recovered and They're Really Special

On January 21st, 2024, a meter-sized asteroid (2024 BX1) entered Earth's atmosphere and exploded over Berlin at 12:33 am UTC…

2 months ago

Asteroid Ryugu Contained Bonus Comet Particles

On December 5th, 2020, Japan's Hayabusa2 mission successfully returned samples it had collected from the Near-Earth Asteroid (NEA) 162173 Ryugu…

3 months ago

OSIRIS-REx Returns This Sunday!

On Sunday, September 24th, NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission will deliver samples from the asteroid Benny.

7 months ago

An Asteroid has Been Discovered That Crosses Mercury’s Orbit

Astronomers have spotted the fastest-ever asteroid orbiting Sun -- and at times, it gets closer to the Sun than the…

3 years ago

The Japanese asteroid-hunter had another photo opportunity when it dropped a target marker on asteroid Ryugu

Japan's Hayabusa2 spacecraft just launched its second target marker to the surface of the asteroid Ryugu.

5 years ago

A double asteroid came uncomfortably close this weekend. Here’s what astronomers saw

Using the Very Large Telescope, a team of ESO scientists took some stunningly clear images of a double asteroid that…

5 years ago

Hayabusa2 Fires an Anti-Tank Warhead at Asteroid Ryugu

Japan's Hayabusa2 spacecraft recently struck the asteroid Ryugu with an explosive payload, which will help it collect samples that could…

5 years ago

Asteroid Bennu has Already Thrown Material off into Space 11 Times Since OSIRIS-REx Arrived

The OSIRIS-REx mission has revealed some interesting things about the asteroid Bennu, which includes the 11 plumes it witnessed in…

5 years ago

Japanese Rovers are Now on the Surface of an Asteroid, Sending Back Amazing Pictures

The Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa2 recently deployed its rovers to the surface of the asteroid Ryugu, which then sent back some…

6 years ago