mercury transit

Our Guide to the November 11th, 2019 Transit of Mercury Across the Sun

One of the finest spectacles in astronomy is to witness the passage of one object in front of another. This…

5 years ago

What Are Planetary Transits?

When space objects pass in front of other space objects, we call that a transit. And it turns out, they’re…

8 years ago

Watch Mercury Race Across the Sun, Courtesy of the Big Bear Solar Observatory

The Big Bear Solar Observatory Captures a high-res image of this week's transit of Mercury across the face of the…

8 years ago

Images of Today’s Transit of Mercury From Around the World

Amazing reader images of today's transit of Mercury across the face of the Sun from around the world.

8 years ago

Prelude to Transit: Catching Mercury Under Dusk Skies

One of the best dusk apparitions of the planet Mercury occurs this weekend... this event also sets us up for…

8 years ago

Huge Sunspot Turns Earthward

A massive sunspot emerged this past weekend, reversing the downward trend for solar cycle #24... for now.

8 years ago


[/caption] Although the word "transit" can have many meanings, here on Universe Today, we're talking about astronomical transits. This is…

14 years ago