M87*'s Event Horizon Image. One Year Later

In 2017, a worldwide collection of radio telescopes gathered data about the event horizon around the supermassive black hole at…

3 months ago

It's Confirmed. M87's Black Hole is Actually Spinning

The supermassive black hole at the heart of M87 was the target of the Event Horizon Telescope, revealing the area…

7 months ago

Astronomers Have Revealed a Black Hole's Photon Ring for the First Time

Using data from the Event Horizon Telescope, a team of astronomers have calculated the photon ring of M87*.

2 years ago

The Event Horizon Telescope has Revealed the Magnetic Field Lines Around M87's Central Black Hole

A new look at the black hole in M87 tells us about the magnetic fields that drive its activity.

3 years ago

Einstein. Right again

Astronomers can now test the limit of relativity and whether new physics lies beyond Einstein's model.

4 years ago

The Shadow from M87’s Supermassive Black Hole has Been Observed Wobbling Around the Galaxy for Years

Over the past decade, the shadow of a black hole in M87 has been wobbling, which tells us about how…

4 years ago