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Our Guide to the November 11th, 2019 Transit of Mercury Across the Sun

One of the finest spectacles in astronomy is to witness the passage of one object in front of another. This…

4 months ago

Did an Ancient Supernova Force Humans to Walk Upright?

A new study hints at a possible fascinating twist in human evolution. Did a chain of cosmic events triggered by…

4 months ago

Tracking Twilight: ‘Purple Sunset Effect’ Seen Worldwide

Has twilight looked at little… mauve to you as of late? The effect is subtle, but noticeable on a clear…

5 months ago

A 3D Printed Telescope: The Analog Sky Drifter

A unique 3d printed telescope named the Analog Sky Drifter may spark a revolution in amateur telescope making.

6 months ago

Our Guide to Tuesday Night’s Partial Lunar Eclipse

Happen to be in Europe, Africa, Asia or Australia on Tuesday night with clear skies? I July weather cooperates, you'll…

8 months ago

Catching a Ride on the Starlink Satellite Train: Midnight Marvel, or Night Sky Menace?

Have you seen Starlink? It all started, as all good breaking astronomical events seem to do, late on a Friday…

9 months ago

Friday’s SpaceX Dragon Launch CRS-17 to Light Up the U.S. East Coast

Ever seen a rocket launch before? Catching one is easier than you might think. You just need to be looking…

10 months ago

Astronomers Catch a Superflare From a Puny Star

Astronomers recently spied a massive flare on a tiny diminutive star, a powerful, radiation spewing event that you wouldn't want…

10 months ago

Astro-Challenge: Spotting Slender Moons

Up for a challenge? Some of the toughest targets for a backyard observer involve little or no equipment at all.…

11 months ago

SOFIA Follows the Sulfur for Clues on Stellar Evolution

A high-flying space telescope is shedding light on where some of the basic building blocks for life may have originated…

11 months ago