european extremely large telescope

A New Artist’s Illustration of the Extremely Large Telescope. So Many Lasers

Everyone loves lasers. And the only thing better than a bunch of lasers is a bunch of lasers on one…

11 months ago

Wow! An Actual Picture of Multiple Planets Orbiting a Sunlike Star

We've detected thousands of exoplanets, but for the most part, nobody's ever seen them. They're really just data, and graphs…

1 year ago

Construction Begins on the Next Super Telescope

Great progress is being made on the European Extremely Large Telescope. Construction of the dome and the main telescope was…

4 years ago

Rise of the Super Telescopes: Why We Build Them

The Super Telescopes are set to advance our understanding of the Universe, and it can all be traced back to…

4 years ago

Rise of the Super Telescopes: The European Extremely Large Telescope

Once the E-ELT is completed in 2014, it will be the largest optical/infrared observatory in the world.

5 years ago

The Milky Way’s New Neighbor May Tell Us Things About the Universe

As part of the Local Group, a collection of 54 galaxies and dwarf galaxies that measures 10 million light years…

7 years ago

Gorgeous Telescope Timelapse Makes You Feel Like You’re Standing In Chile

As the chill of winter settles into the northern hemisphere, fantasies of down-south travel pervade a lot of people's dreams.…

8 years ago