deep learning

A New Deep Learning Algorithm Can Find Earth 2.0

How can machine learning help astronomers find Earth-like exoplanets? This is what a recently accepted study to Astronomy & Astrophysics…

1 month ago

A Machine-Learning Algorithm Just Found 301 Additional Planets in Kepler Data

Using a new type of deep-learning algorithm, a team of NASA scientists have detected 301 more exoplanets in the Kepler…

3 years ago

Galileo Sunspot Sketches Versus Modern ‘Deep Learning’ AI

A new study turns modern 'deep learning' techniques on Galileo's early sketches of the Sun.

3 years ago

Facial Recognition Deep Learning Software is Surprisingly Good at Identifying Galaxies Too

An international team of astronomers recently used deep learning to identify patterns in images of galaxies taken by the Hubble…

6 years ago