big bang theory

The Latest Webb Observations Don’t Disprove The Big Bang, But They Are Interesting

New observations from the JWST don't disprove the big bang any more than Hubble did.

2 years ago

These Galaxies are Definitely Living in a Simulation

Studying the universe is hard. Really hard. Like insanely, ridiculously hard. Think of the hardest thing you’ve ever done in…

2 years ago

Primordial Gravitational Waves Continue to Elude Astronomers

New observations put further constraints on primordial gravitational waves, but still haven't found them yet.

2 years ago

What is the Steady State Hypothesis?

When it comes to cosmological theories, the Big Bang theory has historically had only one big contender - the Steady…

4 years ago

What is the Cosmic Microwave Background?

For thousands of years, human being have been contemplating the Universe and seeking to determine its true extent. And whereas…

6 years ago

Cosmic Void Contains Fewer Galaxies than Expected, which, Ironically, Makes it Harder for Light to get Through

Using the Subaru Telescope, a team of astronomers recently probed a 500 light-year region of the early Universe and found…

6 years ago

Researchers Tackle Question of How the Universe Became Filled With Light

A new study from a team of researchers from the University of Iowa claims black holes ejecting light could have…

7 years ago

The Most Distant Massive Galaxy Observed to Date Provides Insight into the Early Universe

A team of international astronomers have just observed the most distant massive galaxy to date, providing clues to galaxy formation…

7 years ago

The Dutch Are Going To The Moon With The Chinese

As part of China's Chang'e-4 lunar mission. a new radio antenna being developed in the Netherlands will be deployed to…

8 years ago

Who Was Democritus?

As the philosopher Nietzsche famously said "He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and…

8 years ago