Atacama desert

The Driest Place on Earth Could Help Predict How Life Might be Surviving on Mars

Scientist find microbes in clay deposits beneath the Atacama desert, a good sign for missions looking for life on Mars

4 years ago

An Extremely Large Hole has Been Dug for the Extremely Large Telescope

The ESO has broken ground on the Extremely Large Telescope, which will be the world's largest and most-advanced telescope once…

6 years ago

New Video Shows Construction Beginning on the World’s Largest Telescope

A new video released by the ESO illustrates the construction of the Extremely Large Telescope, which will be the world's…

6 years ago

Mars is 1000x Drier Than the Driest Places on Earth

A new study led by NASA's Ames Research Center has indicated that microorganisms are not likely to survive in Mars'…

6 years ago