The 2nd Annual Penn State SETI Symposium and the Search for Technosignatures!

This year's Penn State SETI Symposium provided a good rundown of the field and the kinds of studies scientists will…

11 months ago

Penn State SETI Symposium Opens with Commemoration of Dr. Frank Drake

This year's Penn State SETI Summit kicked off with a a lecture on how history will remember SETI pioneer Frank…

12 months ago

What Does 60 Years of Silence Tell Us About the Search for Extraterrestrials?

Astronomers have only been scanning the skies for a signal from extraterrestrial civilizations for about 60 years. Although no signal…

12 months ago

Did That Message Come From Earth or Space? Now SETI Researchers can be Sure

When SETI researchers discover an intriguing radio signal, their first instinct is to ask, "Is the signal coming from Earth?"…

1 year ago

Astronomers Scan the Skies for Nanosecond Pulses of Light From Interstellar Civilizations

The VERITAS Collaboration and Breakthrough Listen just released the results of the first year of their survey for optical technosignatures.

1 year ago

Astronomers are Searching for a Galaxy-Wide Transmitter Beacon at the Center of the Milky Way

Researchers with the SETI Institute have monitored the center of the Milky Way for possible transmissions from a galactic beacon.

1 year ago

A Sign from Space Simulates What it Would be Like to Get a Message from Aliens!

A Sign in Space project has simulated a message from an extraterrestrial intelligence and has involved the global community in…

1 year ago

SETI Researchers Are Simulating Alien Contact — and You Can Help

Is it a multimedia art project? Or a rehearsal for alien contact? Let's call it both: Researchers specializing in the…

1 year ago

Building Planetary Systems That Could Last Forever

An advanced civilization might use horseshoe orbits to bring their vacation spots closer to home.

1 year ago

How Many Intergalactic Radio Stations Are Out There?

A new study suggests that we could expand the scope of SETI research by looking for civilizations beyond our galaxy.

1 year ago