Kepler Mission

Focusing On ‘Second-Earth’ Candidates In The Kepler Catalog

An international team of scientists recently released a study that shows which of the Kepler exoplanets candidates are most like…

5 years ago

New System Discovered with Five Planets

NASA's planet-discovering Kepler mission suffered a major mechanical failure in May 2013, but thanks to innovative techniques subsequently implemented by…

6 years ago

Student Discovers Four New Planets

A student at the University of British Columbia has discovered four new exoplanets in Kepler data.

6 years ago

Life On Kepler-62f?

A new study shows that there are multiple scenarios where exoplanet Kepler 62f could support life.

6 years ago

2007 OR10 Needs A Name. We Suggest Dwarfplanet McDwarfplanetyface

Astronomers using the Kepler spacecraft and data from the Herschel Space Observatory have given us a revealing glimpse of dwarf…

6 years ago

Bayesian Analysis Rains On Exoplanet Life Parade

It's tempting to think that life is plentiful in the Universe, if only we could locate it. But a pair…

6 years ago

Kepler Catches Early Flash Of An Exploding Star

The Kepler spacecraft has captured the "shock breakout" of a distant supernova, a twenty minute event that signals the end…

6 years ago

Largest Rocky World Found

Astrophysicists using the Kepler Spacecraft have discovered the largest rocky planet yet: BD+20594b is 16 times as massive as Earth.

6 years ago

Earth From Afar Would Look Only 82% Right For Life

How habitable would Earth look from a distant point in the Milky Way? As it turns out, there's only an…

6 years ago

Spinning Worlds: Orrery of Kepler’s Exoplanets, Part IV

The past few years, Daniel Fabrycky from the Kepler spacecraft science team has put together some terrific orrery-type visualization of…

6 years ago