How to find Saturn in the Sky this Weekend

by VirtualAstro on April 8, 2011

If you want to find the planet Saturn in the sky this weekend, but aren’t sure where to look, this guide should help you.

Saturn is visible all night long at the moment and is quite easy to find, as it is just past opposition which makes it quite bright.

Credit: Adrian West

Find the constellation of Leo the Lion (high in the Southern sky at around 10pm) by looking for the backwards question mark asterism (red in the diagram), which is the head of Leo. Find the last 2 stars in Leo’s body and draw an imaginary line through these 2 stars, and arc to the left and down until you reach a bright yellowish star. This is Saturn.

If you continue drawing this imaginary line a little further you will find the bright bluish white star Spica, in the constellation of Virgo.

Right now, Saturn should be an easy target to spot with the naked eye, but looks great through binoculars and is truly amazing through any telescope.


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