Universe Today Wins a Parsec Award for the Guide to Space

by Fraser Cain on September 2, 2014


As you might know, a few of us were attending Dragon*Con this weekend in Atlanta, where the Parsec Awards are held every year. Astronomy Cast has been up for a nomination every year, but we’ve always lost out to other folks like Star Talk and Planetary Radio.

Well, this year, we took a different tack and submitted our Guide to Space video series for the Fact Behind the Fiction category… and we won!

A big thanks and congratulations to my video co-creator, Jason Harmer as well as everyone else who has helped us write, edit, produce and shoot these videos: Susie Murph, Brian Koberlein, Chad Weber, Scott Lewis, Kevin Gill and Elizabeth Howell.


Fraser Cain is the publisher of Universe Today. He's also the co-host of Astronomy Cast with Dr. Pamela Gay.

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